Candied quail bolts,,nl,With pea cream,,nl,sweet potato chips and chicory,,nl,trout caviar and krupuk from saffron,,nl,Caesar salad,,en,Roman lettuce,,nl,plucked chicken,,nl,boiled egg and garlic mayonnaise,,nl,Mackerel fillet,,nl,From the oven with olive oil,,nl,lemon and green asparagus,,nl,With smoked salmon and spinach in a crustacean gravy,,nl,With fries and cold sauces,,nl,Braised veal,,it,Veal shank cooked in white wine with garlic,,nl,oregano and lemon,,no,served with pasta,,nl,With Flemish fries,,nl,ketchup and egg yolk,,nl,Maiskip in Arabic manner,,nl,Met ras el hanout,,ar with pea cream,,nl,with tuna mayonnaise and capers,,nl,honey and thyme,,nl, zoete aardappel chips en witlof € 12,50

Club Sandwich smoked chicken, Oerbrood boiled egg, mayonnaise, fried bacon, tomato, Komkommer a chip € 9,25

Club Sandwich smoked salmon, Oerbrood, cream cheese, spinach, red onion, ei, capers and chips € 10,50

Kalfskroket van patisserie Holtkamp, served with Oerbrood € 5,25

Garnalenkroket van patisserie Holtkamp, served with Oerbrood € 6,75

Tartar of crayfish with cream cheese, kappertjes, red onion, forelkaviaar en kroepoek van saffraan € 10,75

Hamburger with French fries,,nl,a slightly spicy tomato chilli chutney,,nl,lettuce,,nl,cucumber and au gratin with cheese,,nl,from the grill with olives,,nl,red onion and saffron mayonnaise,,nl,with vegetables,,nl,creamy soup with pieces of asparagus,,nl, een licht pittige tomaten chili chutney, sla, komkommer en gegratineerd met kaas € 14,50


Bellevue salad rijkelijk gevulde salade met rivierkreeft, gamba’s, gerookte zalm en calamares € 15,50

Caesar salade, Romeinse sla met geplukte kip, Parmezaanse kaas, croutons, cucumber, tomato, gekookt ei en knoflookmayonaise € 10,50

alternating salet


Bouillabaisse Franse vissoep met rouille, croutons en oude kaas € 7,50






Bouncers and sandwiches

Several bouncers from € 7,00

cheese sandwich € 4,00

Toasted ham and cheese € 4,00

Sandwich cheese and tomato € 4,25


U heeft de keuze uit verschillende soorten brood:

Oerbrood: slices of bread rye, geplette tarwe, lijnzaad, oats and rice
Olijf: ciabatta van tarwebloem, black olives and Italian herbs
Spelt: roll 100% from spelled volkorenmeel, speltvlokken, speltgries, sesame, sunflower seeds and sojagries

Healthy with cheese, tomato, cucumber, en ei € 6,75

Vitello met tonijnmayonaise en kappertjes € 7,75

B.L.T. bacon, lettuce and tomato € 6,50

Goat cheese honing en tijm € 7,25

Carpaccio balsamicodressing, Parmesan and pine nuts € 7,75

Smoked Salmon citroenmayonaise, chives and egg € 8,75

Sandwich of the week

All our bread comes from the local bakery Wassenaar.